What You Should Know About Invisalign Therapy

Invisalign Kensington, MD

Invisalign® gets you the straight smile you have always wanted without having to deal with ugly metal braces and the countless stares people who wear braces often find themselves dealing with. Invisalign therapy uses transparent plastic trays to gradually push a person’s teeth towards a better alignment. These transparent trays are barely visible when worn, so the patient gets to display their smile while their teeth are being straightened.

How Invisalign therapy works

During treatment with Invisalign aligner trays, patients get multiple trays at the start of their treatment. Each set of trays are worn for around two weeks – the time it takes for the set to push the patient’s teeth as far as they can.

The process starts with a consultation that involves the dentist thoroughly examining the patient’s teeth to determine the cause and severity of their teeth alignment issues. Diagnostic tests like x-rays are typically used to help make this assessment along with a visual examination.

Digital images are then used to make a computer model of the patient’s teeth. This model is shown on a computer screen and the dentist uses it to design the patient’s aligner trays. Projections of what the patient’s teeth will look like as the treatment runs its course are shown to the patient so they know what to expect during treatment.

Once the dentist and patient are pleased with the projections, the data is sent to an Invisalign lab where aligner trays are made. It takes roughly two weeks for the finished aligner trays to get back to the dentist.   

The patient comes back for a second appointment when their aligner trays are ready. The dentist teaches them how to insert and remove their aligners, clean them, and prevent them from being damaged. The patient will need to be disciplined when it comes to the daily use of their aligner trays for treatment to be effective. Dentists recommend wearing them for at least 20 hours daily and days should never be skipped. People who might have a hard time sticking to the wear schedule should consider fixed appliances like braces.

The benefits of choosing Invisalign aligners for your teeth straightening needs include:

  • Removable: Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners can be easily removed. This makes eating during treatment less restrictive since the appliance does not get in the way. The same goes for oral hygiene
  • Invisible: Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible when worn so they do not cover up the wearer’s teeth or ruin the way their smile looks. Instead, Invisalign allows the wearer to show off their teeth as they move towards a better alignment
  • Effective: Invisalign aligners can be used to treat mild to severe orthodontic issues that are caused by poor positioning of teeth

Straighten your smile

Have misaligned teeth? Invisalign aligners can get you a straighter smile. The aligner trays that will be used for your treatment are almost impossible to detect, so no one will know you are straightening your teeth if you do not tell them. Give us a call or stop by our Kensington clinic to learn more about the process.

Request an appointment here: https://dentistkensington.com or call Presidential Dental at (240) 445-5022 for an appointment in our Kensington office.

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